Fleet Maintenance and Workshop Management

Integra Fleet and Workshop Management software is easy to use, comprehensive and reliable. It handles with ease all the tasks associated with maintaining a fleet of vehicles, and running a busy workshop.

This fully featured fleet management software package contains modules for all aspects of running a fleet of vehicles. The modules are organised into tabs on the ribbon style menu. The data entry forms are easy to find and designed to be easy to use.

workshop menu screen click image for large size

Effective fleet management requires storage, retrieval and analysis of fleet information. The Integra system makes this easy to accomplish. A large amount of information can be stored about each vehicle such as service reminders, tax and insurance renewals, as well as chassis, body, engine and tyre information.

fleet information screen

As well as being a comprehensive vehicle database, the system has modules for service planning, workshop management, fuel costs, tyre costs, driver operator information and accident processing.

Data entry is validated through the use of look-up codes. The screens are easy to use, with navigation buttons at the bottom for adding and updating the records.

Vehicle services and repairs are handled by the fleet maintenance module. This assists with service planning as well as recording all vehicle services and repairs.

Planned Maintenance Chart

A full vehicle cost history is created through the job sheet history. The job sheet history forms the basis of total vehicle life cost reports and comparisons. As well as cost reports, the job sheet history can be used for analysing parts history for warranty checks.

fleet costs chart

The Integra fleet software also handles regular renewals such as road fund licence, insurance renewals, permit renewals etc. Warnings and reminders appear to give a quick overview of upcoming vehicle renewals.

The workshop management module takes care of job sheets and booking parts and labour to jobs. The job sheet system is easy to use; a technician’s job sheet screen was designed to rapidly create vehicle job sheets in the workshop. The job sheet module handles stock parts, non-stock parts, technician’s labour, external parts and external labour. Data can be imported from external maintenance providers.

The system also includes parts management. There is a complete parts order system, parts can be ordered as stock or direct to job. The parts ordering system comprises of purchase order stage, goods received processing and supplier invoice processing. There are reports for automated parts reorder based on min and max stock levels.

If the system is used for doing work for external customers, the workshop module can be used to generate invoices. The hourly labour rate and parts uplift rates can be set for each customer. There is the option to set up contract and non-contract rates. The software is used by many repair garages for monitoring workshop efficiency, and stock control. Invoice data can be exported to financial accounting packages such as Sage, Cedar, and others.

As well as managing vehicles, the system has an equipment module. This is used for planning and recording equipment maintenance. Items of equipment can be assigned to vehicles.

This is a comprehensive fleet and workshop management system.
Integra is committed to creating software that works for you.

The software is built on modern Microsoft .NET technology and a robust database system designed to run reliably every day for years.

The software is affordable, and can be customised to suit your exact requirements. It is used by different sized companies from small workshops with two or three technicians up to large workshops with 25 or more technicians, and large fleet operators with multiple depots. The price of the software ranges from £500 for a single user system up to £3,500 for large system with multiple workshops.

Please take time to view some of the video demonstrations on this site, so you can see how the system looks and some of the features it offers.