Defects Management

Defect management software from Integra Developments.

Record vehicle defects, assign defects to work order or create work order from defect screen, produce defect reports.

vehicle defect screen

The system handles vehicle defect records. Defects can be entered from driver defect book, or entered by the drivers themselves using touch screen, tablet, PDA or smart phone technology. There is also the facility to enter data remotely, using a web based vehicle defects interface.

Once the defect is entered, it can be reviewed by the fleet manager and action steps taken. Defects can be prioritised and marked as safety related. If necessary a job sheet can be created from a defect entry. Defects can also be allocated to open job sheets. When the job sheet is created for a vehicle, any outstanding defects are displayed, allowing the defects to be added to the job.

By assigning the defect to a job sheet, there is a full record of the defect being recorded and fixed.

The purpose of the system is to ensure that all vehicle defects are recorded accurately with minimum effort. To accomplish this, there are various methods of entering defect records according to the user situation. There are reports to show outstanding defects to ensure that all defects are managed correctly and efficiently.

There are several benefits of a computer defect management system over manual or spreadsheet based systems. The computer system provides a robust central system that links defects to the job sheets. It also provides reports to monitor outstanding defects and safety related defects.